Being Angry In The Right Way

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This three-part article from the Biblical Counseling Center resonated with me today. There seems to be a multitude of things going on right now that illicit a response of anger in me. This article encouraged me to think of anger differently: instead of thinking that things cause you to become angry try thinking of the fact that you react to things in anger. Here are some excepts from the article:

"It can be tempting to only think of anger as either right or wrong, black or white, helpful or harmful.  However, the Bible gives us a more rigorous approach to evaluating our anger.  It prompts us to evaluate many different factors in the expression of our anger to ensure that we are reflecting the heart of God."

"Anger is such a difficult emotion to control.  We feel justified so we act and speak quickly.  Anger is also a powerful emotion.  We are impressed by someone who can be angry and not fall into sin.  With many opportunities in our society, politics, and personal lives to see injustice and become angry, we have a terrific opportunity to show the power of the Holy Spirit through our lives.  Handling anger in the right way is worth the effort."