Isaiah 3, 5, 58: Condemnation of Oppression and Luxury

What is actually being condemned?
  • Plundering and crushing of the poor (Isa 3:14-15)
    • Today: claiming limited government aid when others need it more (e.g., small business relief)
  • Haughtiness (Isa 3:16)
    • Today: acting pridefully, superior than others (maybe towards those who have less, look like less, etc.)
  • Excessive building at the expense of space for others (Isa 5:8, Mic. 2:2,9)
    • Contrast this provision for returning land to the poor in Lev. 25:23-28
  • Excessive consumption (alcohol just an example) (Isa 5:11,22)
  • Forgetting the Lord and His works (especially in their celebrations) (Isa 5:12)
    • Today: holidays that should focus on God (Christmas, Easter) yet getting distracted by music, decorations, and feasts
  • Lack of faith in God's promises (Isa 5:18-19)
    • "draw iniquity with cords of vanity" - draw up iniquity to themselves as from a well with lies (of God's lack of faithfulness/interjection)
    • "[draw] sin as with a cart rope" - even heavier ropes linking themselves to this sin
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  • Treating evil as good and vice versa (Isa 5:20,23)
  • Ignoring God's guidance and trusting instead in human wisdom (Isa 5:21, Prov 3:7;26:5,12,16)

What will be the punishment?
    • God will take away all of the luxurious items (Isa 3:18-23)
    • God will take away physical beauty (Isa 3:24)
    • God will take away physical safety (Isa 3:25-26)
      • Death (Isa 5:14,24)
    • God will remove them from their houses (exile) (Isa 5:9,13,17)
      • "The fat ones" (Isa 5:17) = the rich/rulers, will lose their property to allow the foreigner to come in to enjoy it
      • God will use other nations to come execute his judgment (Isa 5:26-30)
    • God will reduce the yield of their crops (Isa 5:10)
      • Typical:
        • 1 acre --> produces 2-10 tons of grapes = 120-600 gallons
        • 30, 60, or 100 fold (representative, not scientific) (Mat. 13:3-9)
      • Judgment yield:
        • 10 acres --> produces 1 bath = 6 gallons (pathetic!)
        • 1 homer = 10 ephah --> produces 1 ephah of crops (negative yield!)
      • Today: your work will be futile (Gen 3:17, Ps 90:17, Prov 16:3, Job 5:12)
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    • Man will be humbled; God will be exalted through it (Isa 5:15-16)

    Other notes
    • "His anger is not turned away... hand is stretched out still" (Isa 5:25, 9:12,17,21)
    • "The light is darkened by the clouds" (Isa 5:30)
      • A description of the literal situation
      • But also an allusion to God's bigger story
        • God's desire/story - to bless His faithful people; ultimately culminating in deliverance through Jesus - the Light of the World
        • Immediate judgment like clouds: don't destroy the light, but obscure it temporarily
        • In the midst of dark times, God is still working His ultimate good
          • In the coronavirus, God is still working HIS story